Youth Leadership Programme 5 Forum

11 - 14 November, 2019

Kempinski Hotel Amman Jordan, ش. خالد شومان، Amman, Jordan

Youth Leadership Programme 5 Forum

During the regional forum, the YLP team aims to capture and document the experiences and hard work of YLP participants, our partners and youth-serving organizations and how they contribute to creating wider social impact in the region.

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Linda Haddad
Linda Haddad
Najia Hashemee
Najia Hashemee Regional Electoral Policy Specialist at UNDP
Kais Khalil Yacoub Zayadin
Kais Khalil Yacoub Zayadin Member of Parliament at Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Layal Wehbe
Layal Wehbe Project Coordinator and Research Analyst, Arab Development Portal at UNDP
Wiam Salman
Wiam Salman
Doha Abubakr Mukhtar Ali
Doha Abubakr Mukhtar Ali YLP Alumni and Social Activist at Amna
Guri Strand Karlsen
Guri Strand Karlsen UN Volunteer in Youth Empowerment at UNDP
Susanne Dam Hansen
Susanne Dam Hansen Regional Bureau for Arab States Hub Manager, OIC at UNDP
Sara Hammoud
Sara Hammoud Lebanon at YLP5 Participant
Magda Janiszewska
Magda Janiszewska YLP Programme Assistant at UNDP
Hamzeh Bany Yasin
Hamzeh Bany Yasin Regional Programme Manager at Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency
Nabil Baffoun
Nabil Baffoun President at Independent High Authority for Elections
Ahmad Al Dirye
Ahmad Al Dirye Programme Officer at Global Platform
Seif Eddine Trabelsi
Seif Eddine Trabelsi Public Relations Manager / Trainer at AIESEC / YLP
Asma Hajji
Asma Hajji PhD candidate at Tariq Ibnou Ziad Initiative
Fathi Bashe
Fathi Bashe Director at Fathi Initiative Somalia
Ahmad Al Dirye
Ahmad Al Dirye
Asmae El Hajji
Asmae El Hajji President at Tariq Ibnou Zaid Initative
Fathi Bashe
Fathi Bashe
Nader Atta
Nader Atta Programme Design and Implementation Analyst and Youth Focal Point at UNDP
Doaa Kazweni
Doaa Kazweni Strategy Consultant at Arab Youth Center
Sharaf Saleh
Sharaf Saleh Corporate Entreprenuership Responsibility Team Member at ZINC-ZAIN
Emile Cubeisy
Emile Cubeisy Founding and Managing Partner at Silicon Badia
Hamed Masri
Hamed Masri Managing Partner at Sequence Lab
Osama Aljaber
Osama Aljaber Youth Political Participation Coordinator at UNDP
Nada Bouari
Nada Bouari Partnerships advisor at UNDP
Nada Dimachkieh Sweidan
Nada Dimachkieh Sweidan Social and Local Development Programme Officer and Youth Focal Point at UNDP Lebanon
Nadine Khaouli
Nadine Khaouli UNV for Youth Support and YLP activities coordinator at UNDP
Saly Khalifa
Saly Khalifa Director of the Youth Projects Department at Ministry of Youth and Sports, Egypt
Reem Al Omari
Reem Al Omari TV Show Host at Wattan Multi-Media News Agency
Souad Hayel
Souad Hayel President at Harvard Arab Alumni Association
Dalia Wahbe
Dalia Wahbe
Dalia Wahbeh
Dalia Wahbeh Regional Manager, International Finance Cooperation at World Bank Group
Noeman Alsayyad
Noeman Alsayyad Communications Adviser at UNDP
Omar Hamdy
Omar Hamdy Manager, Masr Works Project at UNDP
Amer Al Kahwaji
Amer Al Kahwaji at UNDP
Mohammad AlBatayneh
Mohammad AlBatayneh Monitoring and Evaluation Regional Specialist at UNDP
Isra'a Shahhoud
Isra'a Shahhoud
Joud Khattab
Joud Khattab
Hisham Kuhail
Hisham Kuhail
Vera Bboun
Vera Bboun
Najah Al-Azzeh
Najah Al-Azzeh
Ahmad Amin
Ahmad Amin
Danakhan Malhas
Danakhan Malhas
Maryam AlSadha
Maryam AlSadha
Abdiwahab Ali
Abdiwahab Ali
Saana Sarpo
Saana Sarpo Youth, Peace and Security Specialist at UNDP
Basel Araj
Basel Araj Assistant General Manager at Arab Jordan Investment Bank
Abdirazaq Haji Hassan
Abdirazaq Haji Hassan Project Manager at Raja Group
Justus Kweya Okoko
Justus Kweya Okoko SDG Coordination Specialist in Arab States region at UNDP
Mustafa Kamal Abdulrazzaq
Mustafa Kamal Abdulrazzaq Social innovator at Knowledge Gate
Zuhair Abu Faris
Zuhair Abu Faris Commissioner at Independent Election Commission Jordan
Safa Matar
Safa Matar Renewable energy engineer at
Hadeer Shalaby
Hadeer Shalaby at Freeziana
Ismail Sheikh Sidow
Ismail Sheikh Sidow Youth innovator at IRISH
Yana Abu Taleb
Yana Abu Taleb Co-Director at EcoPeace Middle East
Dustin Schinn
Dustin Schinn Climate Action Project at UNDP
Abdlerahman Habashneh
Abdlerahman Habashneh CEO and Founder at Decapolis
Denis Korchunov
Denis Korchunov UNV Sustainable Energy Specialist at UNDP
Iuliia Isaeva
Iuliia Isaeva Climate Change Specialist at UNDP
Muhanad Manna
Muhanad Manna
Sohaib Ismail
Sohaib Ismail Account Director and Co-Founder at Applify
Hind Farahat
Hind Farahat Head of Programs Development at Tech Tribes
Mohammad Franji
Mohammad Franji at Hassad
Manal Al Talib
Manal Al Talib at Arab Women Organization
Roxani Roushas
Roxani Roushas Innovations Specialist at UNDP
Bdour Al-Hiyari
Bdour Al-Hiyari Business Development and Strategic Planning Director at Microfund for Women
Dr. Ziena Abu-Dalbouh
Dr. Ziena Abu-Dalbouh
Fahed Farraj
Fahed Farraj at ShopGo
Ali Abdulhadi
Ali Abdulhadi Cheif Executive Officer at The Online Project
Abdallah Abu Sheikh
Abdallah Abu Sheikh Founder at Rizek
Khaled Hijab
Khaled Hijab Executive Director at Tech Tribes
Imam Hithnawi
Imam Hithnawi Flow Incubator & Accelerator Palestine at
Sahar Barqawi
Sahar Barqawi Founder and CEO at Sawwah
Layla Al Qasam
Layla Al Qasam Head of Partnerships and INJAZ board member at 17 Asset Management
Justus Okoko
Justus Okoko
Maria Stage
Maria Stage Programme Analyst, Youth Empowerment at UNDP
Deka Moussa Ragueh
Deka Moussa Ragueh at UNDP
Ziena Abu-Dalbouh
Ziena Abu-Dalbouh at SSI Incubator, ZAD Consultancy & Environmental Solutions


08:30 - 09:00


Onyx Room

09:00 - 10:00

Welcome and Opening

Onyx Room

10:20 - 11:40

Civic and Political Participation, Opportunities and Challenges Panel Discussion

Onyx Room

12:00 - 13:15

Youth Citizenship and Civic Participation: Impact Stories from the Field

Onyx Room

14:15 - 15:30

Innovation in Youth Civic Engagement and Building Inclusive Processes

Onyx Room

16:00 - 17:00

Empowering Youth in Varying Contexts

Onyx Room

Wiam Salman

17:00 - 17:15

Summary of Day 1 and Recommendations

Onyx Room

Guri Strand Karlsen

19:00 - 22:00

Dinner at Kan Zaman

Onyx Room


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