unELT 2019

unELT 2019 is a get-together that centers around teachers and offers opportunities to participate in lively discussions with seasoned teachers who, just like you, are looking for practical tips, hands-on professional development and the chance to network.

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Tatiana Gómez Ramírez
Tatiana Gómez Ramírez Founder at ELT Think Tank
Cristina Hernández
Cristina Hernández Facilitator at ELT Think Tank
Jose Fernando Jimenez
Jose Fernando Jimenez Facilitator at ELT Think Tank
Alberto Vélez
Alberto Vélez Facilitor at ELT Think Tank
Rodrigo Mejia
Rodrigo Mejia Facilitator at ELT Think Tank
Isabel Cristina Cardona
Isabel Cristina Cardona Facilitator at ELT Think Tank
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester Facilitator at ELT Think Tank


18:30 - 19:00

Welcome - Registration

19:00 - 19:55

How professional development changed my life

Main room

Tatiana Gómez Ramírez

20:00 - 20:45

Breakout Session #1 - Pecha Kucha

Main room

20:45 - 21:10

Enjoy the break with our musical guests

21:15 - 22:00

Breakout Session #2 - Speed Geeking

Main room

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