The Coronas Before & Possible After Party

The Coronas Before & Possible After Party

12 December, 2020

Our favourite band is making Christmas for us all but having the craic before and after the gig is something we all cherish too so I have decided let's have a virtual Before & Possibly After Party (if ye want it) on Zoom. This event app will help bring us all into one place and have a bit of craic sharing stories in the lead up, just like we always do. It is something new I am testing out as a possible service for my business for other small business to help make their virtual events more connect so I would love your feedback on this too. What you need to join: * Your ticket for the gig obviously (and you can bring friends once they are going to the gig too). * Christmas jumper! Or just dress up Christmassy * Your memories and stories of our gigs together * And since the virtual bar isn't working yet, BYOB! (Bring your own bottle) lol Let's go have fun. Emer xxx

The Coronas Before & Possible After Party



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