SADC FI Forum 2019

Four years ago, SADC committed itself to regional financial inclusion strategy which seeks to provide a benchmark document that Member States can use in the development and monitoring of their own national strategies. The 2019 Forum will provide recommendations on how SADC can move forward in putting the strategy to drive financial inclusion in the region into operation.

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Dr. Geci Karuri-Sebina
Dr. Geci Karuri-Sebina Visiting Research Fellow at Wits University
Sosthenes Kewe
Sosthenes Kewe Chief Executive Officer at Financial Sector Deepening Tanzania
Dr. Arif Ismail
Dr. Arif Ismail Co Chair: Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group at South African Reserve Bank
Dumisani Dube
Dumisani Dube Head of Applab, insight2impact at FinMark Trust
Maxine Hlaba
Maxine Hlaba Executive Secretariat at SADC Banking Association
Dr. Jesimen Chipika
Dr. Jesimen Chipika Deputy Governor at Zimbabwe Reserve Bank
Brendan Pearce
Brendan Pearce Chief Executive Officer at FinMark Trust
Dr. Kameshnee Naidoo
Dr. Kameshnee Naidoo MAP Global Manager at UNCDF
Abel Motsomi
Abel Motsomi Senior Research & Information Officer at FinMark Trust
Damola Owolade
Damola Owolade Financial Inclusion Specialist at FinMark Trust
Obert Maposa
Obert Maposa Senior Information and Research Specialist at FinMark Trust
Nikki Kettles
Nikki Kettles Head of SADC Financial Inclusion at FinMark Trust
Hon. Neal Rijkenberg
Hon. Neal Rijkenberg Minister of Finance at Ministry of Finance, Eswatini
Jason Milton
Jason Milton Head of SADC CCBG at SADC CCBG
Victoria Mojuto
Victoria Mojuto Executive Head: Economic Regulations at Vodacom South Africa
Ahmed Cassim
Ahmed Cassim Managing Director at Hello Paisa
Jewel Ndalama
Jewel Ndalama Principal Analyst, Policy, NPS at Reserve Bank of Malawi
Florence Mahosa
Florence Mahosa Manager and National Coordinator of FI policy and Programming at Ministry of Finance, Lesotho
David Mfanimpela Myeni
David Mfanimpela Myeni Chief Executive Officer at Centre for Financial Inclusion, Eswatini
Walebatla Amos Kgwakgwe
Walebatla Amos Kgwakgwe Deputy Director at Ministry of Finance, Bostwana
Sadwick Mtonakutha
Sadwick Mtonakutha Director of Finance, Investment and Customs (FIC) at SADC Secretariat
Nancy Mpita
Nancy Mpita Deputy Director for Pension and Financial Sector Policy Division at Ministry of Finance, Malawi
Anrich Daseman
Anrich Daseman Senior Fintech Specialist at South African Reserve Bank
Selloane Tsike Malie
Selloane Tsike Malie Head of Personal and Business Banking at Standard Bank Lesotho
Annah Masoga
Annah Masoga Head: Policy and Regulation at South African Reserve Bank
Shingaidzo Aloisia Mustau
Shingaidzo Aloisia Mustau at Ministry of Finance, Zimbabwe
Rado Harilala Razafindrakoto
Rado Harilala Razafindrakoto Programme Officer-Financial Sector at SADC Secretariat
Tim Masela
Tim Masela Head of the National Payment System Department at South African Reserve Bank
Sam Shongwe
Sam Shongwe Chief Consumer Officer at MTN Eswatini
Augustine Tawanda
Augustine Tawanda Secterary General at Southern African Cross Border Traders Association
Marvin Castell
Marvin Castell Senior Officer, Finance Integration Division at ASEAN Secretariat


09:00 - 09:15


Main room

Maxine Hlaba

09:15 - 09:45

Welcome remarks and workshop objectives

Main room

Sadwick Mtonakutha

09:45 - 10:30

Keynote Address

Main room

Dr. Jesimen Chipika

11:00 - 11:15

SADC FI Inclusion Agenda

Main room

11:15 - 12:30

Panel Discussion: Country experiences and learnings on implementing financial inclusion programmes

Main room

12:30 - 13:30

Innovation and the (4th Industrial Revolution) for FI

Main room

14:30 - 15:45

Commission sessions

Main room

16:00 - 16:45

Commissions feedback

Main room


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