Rippe World 2020

2020 is an exciting time to be a part of the legal tech revolution and Rippe World is where you will find the industry’s best in class. Join your peers from across the country for a thrilling three-day, no cost event filled with powerful keynote speakers and best practice learnings from the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

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Richard Susskind
Richard Susskind Keynote Speaker Future of Legal Tech, Author
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis Keynote Speaker Art Historian, Author
Tom Obermaier
Tom Obermaier CEO SurePoint Technologies
John Boyd
John Boyd Chief Product Officer SurePoint Technologies
Neil Grunstein
Neil Grunstein UX/UI Lead SurePoint Technologies
Zach Brenner
Zach Brenner VP, Strategic Projects SurePoint Technologies
Jay Erdman
Jay Erdman Executive Advisor SurePoint Technologies
Laurence Winters
Laurence Winters VP, Relationship Management SurePoint Technologies
Robb Ahlers
Robb Ahlers VP, Client Onboarding and Enhancements SurePoint Technologies
Tom Shore
Tom Shore CTO SurePoint Technologies
Emily Jenkins
Emily Jenkins Client Advocate SurePoint Technologies
Adam Sutton
Adam Sutton Director, Solutions Engineer SurePoint Technologies
Ron Sharp
Ron Sharp VP, Product Sales SurePoint Technologies
Jennifer Webster
Jennifer Webster Client Advocate SurePoint Technologies
Liz Yavis
Liz Yavis Manager, Solutions Engineer SurePoint Technologies
Amber Jackson
Amber Jackson Manager, Solutions Engineer SurePoint Technologies
Mary Steele
Mary Steele Senior Analyst SurePoint Technologies
Lucas Cowell
Lucas Cowell Project Manager SurePoint Technologies


15:00 - 17:00

Registration | ARIA - Mariposa Ballroom, Second Floor

Mariposa Ballroom, Second Floor


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