NEOKC Developer's Conference

23 March, 2019

Oklahoma City 73101, United States

NEOKC Developer's Conference

Northeast OKC Renaissance Inc. (NEOKCR) and OKC Black Eats (OKCBE) have partnered to address place-based ethical development in NEOKC by cultivating, connecting, and empowering local stakeholders who aspire to become small-scale developers. The inaugural NEOKC Developer’s Conference was inspired by the momentum of the Northeast Renaissance movement, the need for ethical development, and the growing desire to participate in development from local stakeholders.

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Apollo Woods
Apollo Woods Founder at OKC Black Eats
Nikki Nice
Nikki Nice Ward 7 City Councilwoman at City of Oklahoma City
Ieasha Larkpor
Ieasha Larkpor CEO at Thunder Team Realty
David Lloyd
David Lloyd President at Lloyd Group Holding
Cornell Wesley
Cornell Wesley Regional Economic Development Representative at Economic Development Administration
Monique Short
Monique Short Owner/Operator at Monarch Properties
Cathy O'Connor
Cathy O'Connor President and CEO at The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City
Jill Castilla
Jill Castilla President & CEO at Citizens Bank of Edmond
Cameron Brewer
Cameron Brewer Treasurer and Chair Elect at Urban Land Institute Oklahoma
Quintin Hughes
Quintin Hughes Board President at Northeast OKC Renaissance Inc.
Christina Beatty
Christina Beatty Community Arts Director at Oklahoma Arts Council
Ray Whitley
Ray Whitley CEO at Juice Holdings
John Day
John Day Senior Vice President of Lending and Director at First Security Bank
Marcus Ude
Marcus Ude President at Universal Development Enterprise
David Box
David Box Attorney at Williams, Box, Forshee and Bullard, P.C.
Greg Jones
Greg Jones
Nathan Williams
Nathan Williams at Solomon's Porch
Sandino Thompson
Sandino Thompson
Camal Pennington
Camal Pennington Ward 7 Commissioner at City of Oklahoma City Planning Commission
Katy Boren
Katy Boren
Krystal Yoseph
Krystal Yoseph
Katawna Stephens
Katawna Stephens
Shannon Entz
Shannon Entz Senior Program Planner at City of Oklahoma City Planning Department
Megan Allen
Megan Allen Director of Recruitment at OU Graduate School of Business
Valenthia Doolin
Valenthia Doolin Loan Officer at Union Home Mortgage
Everette Steele
Everette Steele


09:00 - 10:55

Opening Session

Main hall

11:15 - 12:00

Lunch & Networking: Access To Capital

Main hall

12:20 - 13:10

Strong Neighborhoods (355) OR Residential Investing 101 (357)

Main hall

13:15 - 14:05

How To Complete A Rehab Project OR Winning The RFP

Main hall

14:10 - 15:00

Pick NEOKC Property Development OR Legal & Accounting Considerations of Real Estate Development

Main hall

15:05 - 15:50

Building NEOKC Together

Main hall


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