Lessons From Abroad Texas Conference

2 February, 2019

St. Edward's University, South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX, USA

Lessons From Abroad Texas Conference

The Lessons From Abroad Texas Conference is designed to offer study abroad returnees the opportunity to reflect on their international experiences, connect with other study abroad alumni, network with professionals from international organizations, and gain important skills for their future career and academic paths. Join us for workshops, round-table discussions and presentations designed with your international interests, future goals and current global trends in mind.

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Ben Simington
Ben Simington Program Assistant, National Fellowships and University Scholars at Texas A&M University
James McClure
James McClure Director, Employment Services at Texas A&M University
Jessica Thomas
Jessica Thomas International Student Advisor at Texas A&M University
Sydney Jones
Sydney Jones University Relations Coordinator, at CIS Abroad
Marie Burks
Marie Burks Finance Manager, Center for Global Engagement at Baylor University
Dr. George McLemore
Dr. George McLemore Fulbright Scholar, Adjunct Professor at Austin Community College
Chelsea Kindred
Chelsea Kindred Director of Alumni Development and Research at API (Academic Programs Abroad)
Dr. Ryan Buck
Dr. Ryan Buck Vice President at Texas International Education Consortium
Kerri Vance
Kerri Vance Coordinator for International Academic Programs at Texas A&M University
Virginia Gabby
Virginia Gabby College Relations Manager at IES Abroad
Dave Kramer
Dave Kramer Senior Manager of Landscape Standard at Verra
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Career Counselor at St. Edwards University
Adrian D. Ramirez
Adrian D. Ramirez Associate Director of Career and Professional Development at St. Edwards University
Lindsay Goff
Lindsay Goff Senior Digital Designer at St. Edwards University
Candice Digby
Candice Digby Vice President, Growth and Development at Best Practice Media
Lesley Robinson
Lesley Robinson Chief Operating Officer; Head of the Americas at INCO
Brittany Palmer
Brittany Palmer Institutional Relations & Outreach Coordinator at API (Academic Programs International)
Academic Programs International (API)
Academic Programs International (API)
International Studies Abroad
International Studies Abroad
Peace Corps
Peace Corps


09:30 - 10:00

Arrival & Check-In

John Brooks Williams South (JBWS) Lobby

14:00 - 15:00

Exhibitor Fair

John Brooks Williams South (JBWS) Lobby


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