IC Career Fair IB

14 May, 2019

Paris, Bayrut, Lebanon

IC Career Fair IB

Meet representatives from businesses in Lebanon.

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Dania El Khatib
Dania El Khatib Illustrator, designer and 2D animator at Self Employed
Hady Safa
Hady Safa Business Consultancy and Development at Standards
Hassan Charafeddine
Hassan Charafeddine Interior Architect at Interior Architecture Studio
Ibrahim Ezzeddine
Ibrahim Ezzeddine Owner at Cherpa
Marwan Kawas
Marwan Kawas Commercial Director BCI at BCI Holding
Oday Talent Management at Bank Med
Rami Traboulsi
Rami Traboulsi Advertising / Branding / Digital at Joe Fish
Rola Ejje
Rola Ejje Talent Managment at Bank Med
Rola Hoteit
Rola Hoteit Airline Captain at Middle East Airlines
Sabine El Kahi
Sabine El Kahi Mechanical Engineer and Managing Director at The Makers Hub
Shermine Deeb
Shermine Deeb Human Resources at Sawaya Holding Provoc
Silia Abou Arbid
Silia Abou Arbid Educator - Lecturer in Practice, Architecture | Director of the Foundation Program . LAU at Lebanese American University
Yasmin Agha
Yasmin Agha Owner at Cookie Dough Boutique
Zeina Tarraf
Zeina Tarraf Media Studies Program, AUB at American University of Beirut
Nour Makhoul
Nour Makhoul Hospitality at Antventures


11:20 - 12:10

11th Grade Meet the Representatives

Main room

12:10 - 13:00

Whole School Meet the Representatives

Main room


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