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Huntington's Disease Webinar

Huntington's Disease Webinar

29 October, 2020

We invite you to a live, CPD accredited webinar about Huntington disease (HD). HD is an inherited degenerative disorder with motor, cognitive and neuropsychiatric features. HD has a devastating impact on affected individuals and their families. We will discuss the genetic background and diagnosis, the clinical aspects and multidisciplinary management, as well as the complexities of counselling and pre-symptomatic testing. With global movement on hold, we'll have to wait until the world starts travelling again before we can resume our roadshows and face-to-face meetings. The reality is, our #AfricaShowcase family is a social bunch, and we know that it will always be first prize to travel directly to your market. In the interim, THE SHOW MUST GO ONline! We're busy building #AfricaShowcaseOnline, which will enable you to start securing your international business for 2021, and beyond. By holding online meetings between African tourism professionals and pre-qualified Africa specialists, we'll assure the markets that Africa will be open and ready for business. We’re lining up our top buyers in the key markets so you can connect with these operators and agents. These buyers need to know who’s still able to service their client requests. Our market experts in each region will continue to be instrumental in matching you to the right people and guiding you on the market dynamics. We want to be part of your recovery plan. Thank you for your continued support as we all move forward together to rebuild our industry.








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