Global Citizens' Dialogue on Internet Governance [Malaysia]

Global Citizens' Dialogue on Internet Governance [Malaysia]

17 - 18 October, 2020

The Global Citizens' Dialogue on Internet is a global initiative to bring Malaysian citizens' voice to global Internet Governance organized by Missions Publiques and implemented in Malaysia by The IO Foundation. Held in over 70 territories worldwide, it is the largest citizen consultation on the Internet ever. Citizens from all all walks of life will gather in Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Asia to discuss about the most pressing and significant issue of our time: the future of the Internet.

Global Citizens' Dialogue on Internet Governance [Malaysia]

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About the event

The Internet plays a vital role in how we see the world, from enabling long distance communications to facilitate learning to capturing acts of strength and courage or shining a light on injustice. Whatever the purpose or the user, access to information has become paramount at local and global levels. But who gets to own our digital identity? How can we put an end to today’s digital divide? How can we be sure of getting high-quality information online?

For a day, take a seat at the Global Citizens' Dialogue on Internet and directly influence the digital developments of your own city and region. You can find more information here: https://WeTheInternet.org/

How will this global deliberation make a difference?

Your ideas and proposals will be collected and synthesized into key recommendations that will be submitted to decision-makers. This is a chance for citizens to become the decision-makers of their own digital life.


Jean F. Queralt
Len Manriquez
Maryam Lee
Isaac Adams
Ong Hui Heng
Sue Herng Kam
Harshinie A/P Paranitharan
Nafis Nazri
Lee Shi Yi
Theiva Lingam
Lim Jun Ni
Muhammad Nur Nasution
Siti Nurhajar Mohd Mani
Irdina Azira Edzlyzam


Main Hall






01:00 - 01:30

Internet and Me / COVID

01:30 - 02:20

Building a strong digital identity

02:25 - 03:45

Occupancy: 5 / 100

Artificial Intelligence: Exploration

03:50 - 04:10

Occupancy: 3 / 100

Evaluation and Closing

04:10 - 04:30

5 Minutes Break

02:20 - 02:25

Short break

03:45 - 03:50
Technical Support





Technical Support

01:00 - 05:00
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