Artists Dismantling Capitalism

Artists Dismantling Capitalism

26 - 28 February, 2021

Artists Dismantling Capitalism is an opportunity to gather and network with our local community to better understand how folks are organizing to create a more just, equitable, sustainable, and regenerative economy and society. With art as a vehicle to activate the creative and future thinking regions of our brain, we curate conversations that seek to inspire our bodies into action. This year’s online platform provides a unique occasion to broaden the conversation with input and knowledge from organizers and artists from around the country who, just like us, are striving to transform their communities.

Artists Dismantling Capitalism

This free/donation based Symposium offers 17 sessions facilitated by artists, community members and scholars. Sessions will focus on a wide range of topics including theater, music cooperatives, decolonizing the body, Hip Hop, Solidarity Economics, spirituality and more. Each session offers a glimpse into the use of artistic and creative practice in re-imaging and creating a new society based on a Solidarity Economy. In addition to local community members and artists, the conference will feature visiting facilitators including Kwame Braxton and Shambe Jones of Cooperation Jackson, MS., Nati Linares of New Economy Network, David Ferris of the Highlander Center and more. This year's symposium will also mark the virtual launch of "Just Imagine," a public art show featuring pieces imagining a just transition to tomorrow's world. Since our symposium will be online this year, we will continue the tradition of feeding folks by gathering non-perishable food through a food drive that will be distributed through our Little Free Pantry network. 

Donations of $5-100 are encouraged to help cover the costs of the conference and to pay artists (prioritizing BIPOC artists)