App Growth Summit Singapore 2019

Capping off our second year, App Growth Summit Singapore 2019 will take place on 20 November 2019! Expert presenters and panelists from all around the greater APAC region will share secrets from their mobile app growth strategies during in-depth sessions. We’ll end the day with an Open Bar Reception!

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Vegard Aas
Vegard Aas CEO at OYA
Kabeer Chaudhary
Kabeer Chaudhary Managing Partner APAC at M+C Saatchi Performance
Danielle Francis
Danielle Francis Founder at Wardroo
Michael Grierson
Michael Grierson Head of Growth Marketing at formerly Skyscanner
Shiraz Kabir
Shiraz Kabir Head of APAC Sales at Liftoff
Joanne Liao
Joanne Liao Publisher Account Director at MoPub
Frank Ng
Frank Ng Performance Marketing Manager at Uber
Carmen	Oprea
Carmen Oprea VP, Growth at HappyFresh
Bayu Adi Persada
Bayu Adi Persada Lead Product Manager at Grab
Niharika	Singh
Niharika Singh Head of Product at ONE Championship
Ludmilla	Veloso
Ludmilla Veloso VP of Operations at Airbrush
Kiyan Foroughi
Kiyan Foroughi Founder & Director at Electric8 Growth
Tejas Kirodiwal
Tejas Kirodiwal Head of Growth at ZALORA Group
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Director, Digital Marketing at Carousell
Hermann Martje Abeldt
Hermann Martje Abeldt General Manager APAC at Remerge
Dennis Mink
Dennis Mink VP Marketing at Liftoff
Govind Kavaturi
Govind Kavaturi Director of Partnerships, APAC at Branch
Rishab Chaturvedi
Rishab Chaturvedi Product Manager - Platforms at Circles.Life
James Peng
James Peng Head of Performance Marketing at Grab


01:45 - 02:00

Event Kick-Off

Main room

02:00 - 02:30

Setting Your Growth Strategy

Main room

Kiyan Foroughi

02:30 - 02:50

What We Learned Running 41,000 Mobile Creative A/B Tests

Main room

Shiraz Kabir

02:50 - 03:15

Using the Right Data to Optimize Your Programmatic Strategy

Main room

Joanne Liao

03:15 - 03:35

Building for Digital-First Growth in a Traditionally Offline Industry

Main room

Niharika Singh

03:35 - 04:00

"Growing with Giants: Working With ""The Big 3"" to Accelerate Your Growth Strategy"

Main room

Vegard Aas

04:00 - 04:20

Building A Culture of Experimentation: Validating Product Design Ideas with Data & Not Being Afraid to Explore New Concepts

Main room

Carmen Oprea

04:20 - 05:20


05:20 - 05:30

Apple Watch Give-Away!

Main room

05:30 - 05:55

The Evolution of App Marketing

Main room

Kabeer Chaudhary

05:55 - 06:20

Performance With Influencers, Say What?

Main room

Ludmilla Veloso

06:20 - 07:00

Mastering User Experiences and Attribution

Main room

07:00 - 07:40

360° Growth Plan Optimisation

Main room

07:40 - 08:15

Foresight is 2020: User Acquisition Strategies for the Next 6-12 Months

Main room

08:15 - 08:35

Mobile Heroes Showdown

Main room

Dennis Mink
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