App Growth Summit LA 2020

App Growth Summit Los Angeles 2020 kicks off our third year with a full day of content aimed at helping App Marketers, Brands, and Entertainment & Gaming companies refine their 2020 plans for growth!

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Miray Alanlar
Miray Alanlar Mobile Product Marketing Manager at Mozilla
Jordan Gladstone
Jordan Gladstone Director of Marketing at Dave.com
Tim Jung
Tim Jung Mobile Engineer at Activision Blizzard
Sharan Keswani
Sharan Keswani Sr Manager, Engagement Marketing at Hollar
Ben Austin
Ben Austin Product Manager, Next Billion Users at Google
Cecile Lowrey
Cecile Lowrey Growth Manager at GRUBHUB
Alex Pan
Alex Pan Director, Performance Marketing at Seriously
Savannah Wu
Savannah Wu User Acquisition Manager at Jam City
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Growth Marketing Manager at HopSkipDrive
Vivek Girotra
Vivek Girotra Director of Marketing at FoxNext
Brian Altman
Brian Altman Account Executive at Remerge
Dennis Mink
Dennis Mink VP of Marketing at Liftoff
Nancy Roberts
Nancy Roberts CMO at YouAppi
Dina Chaiffetz
Dina Chaiffetz Product Marketing Strategy at Consultant
Peter Doro
Peter Doro Solutions Consultant at Iterable
Peleg Israeli
Peleg Israeli CRO at Bidalgo
Julia	Martin
Julia Martin Senior Programmatic Demand Lead at MoPub
Josh Pancoe
Josh Pancoe Manager US Customer Success at Singular
Elaine Park
Elaine Park Senior Manager, User Acquisition at Scopely
Brian Quinn
Brian Quinn President & GM at Appsflyer
Kia Saedi
Kia Saedi Director of Sales at Adjust
Cody Christie
Cody Christie UA Lead at Riot Games
Henry Wang
Henry Wang Product Marketing Manager at Liftoff
Michele Webb
Michele Webb VP of US Growth & Programmatic at Headway
Mindy Welford
Mindy Welford Director of Marketing at Glo
Athar Zia
Athar Zia Client Solutions Manager, Gaming at Facebook
Winnie Wen
Winnie Wen Director of User Acquisition at Jam City
Kevin Yiu
Kevin Yiu Senior User Acquisition Manager at Scopely
Mack Keyvani
Mack Keyvani 15 Seconds of Fame at 15 Seconds of Fame
Sabrina Chen
Sabrina Chen Senior User Acquisition Specialist at Jam City
Solène Schwartz
Solène Schwartz Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Mammoth Media
Louis Tanguay
Louis Tanguay Founder at App Growth Experts
Ariel Neidermeier
Ariel Neidermeier Director of Marketing & Content at App Growth Experts
Jasper Radeke
Jasper Radeke Sr. Director, Marketing, North America at Appsflyer
Zach Pond
Zach Pond VP of Marketing & User Acquisition at MobilityWare


09:00 - 09:15

Event Kick-Off

Main Stage

09:15 - 09:40

Growing Your App Through Meaningful Iteration: How the Call of Duty Companion App Succeeded

Main Stage

Tim Jung

09:40 - 10:05

Breaking Through the Noise: Why We Need To Automate

Main Stage

Kia Saedi

10:05 - 10:30

Mind Games: How to Leverage Consumer Psychology Featured Presentation

Main Stage

Dina Chaiffetz

10:30 - 11:00

Live Podcast Recording!

Main Stage

11:00 - 11:20

Gifting: A Surprising and New Acquisition Channel

Main Stage

Cecile Lowrey

11:20 - 11:40

Future Proofing Your Marketing Tech Stack With Open Platforms

Main Stage

Jasper Radeke

11:40 - 12:00

Driving Scale with Machine Learning

Main Stage

Henry Wang

12:00 - 12:35

Get a Second Chance at a First Impression with Expert Engagement & Retargeting Strategies

Main Stage

13:30 - 13:55

Beat the Hero

Main Stage

13:55 - 14:20

Building a Cross-Platform Machine in a PC-First World

Main Stage

14:20 - 14:40

Reverse Engineering Successful Retargeting Campaigns & Set-Ups

Main Stage

Brian Altman

14:40 - 15:20

Gaming User Acquisition Strategies on The Big 3 (Facebook, Google and Apple Search Ads)

Main Stage

15:40 - 16:05

Dave’s Scrappy Scaling Approach

Main Stage

Jordan Gladstone

16:05 - 16:25

A Not-So-Serious Overview About Serious Creative Testing Strategies

Main Stage

Alex Pan

16:25 - 17:05

Retention: An Underrated Growth Strategy

Main Stage

17:05 - 17:30

Lakers Tickets Give-Away!

Main Stage


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