47th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships

Tall Ships for the 21st Century: The workforces and workplaces of the tall ships and sail training in a modern maritime industry. What does our industry offer the modern world and how do we remain resilient in a dynamic environment? Sessions address vessel operations, regulatory issues, coast guard licensing, administration and management, educational programming, safety at sea, media relations, marketing, funding, and port event organization.

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Kate Neubauer
Kate Neubauer Founder at Neubauer Consulting Group LLC
Simon Colley
Simon Colley Founder at Trust Labs
Jen Haddock
Jen Haddock Port Captain at Sea Education Association
Dave DiLorenzo
Dave DiLorenzo
Jonathan Boulware
Jonathan Boulware Executive Director at South Street Seaport Museum
Laura Lyth
Laura Lyth Océanie Ltd. at Owner/ Director
Joe Sienkiewicz
Joe Sienkiewicz Chief of the Ocean Applications Branch at U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Ocean Prediction Center (OPC)
Don Eley
Don Eley Captain and Proffesor at Maine Maritime
Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar at United States Maritime Administraion
Andy Chase
Andy Chase Professor of Marine Transportation at Maine Maritime Academy
Hali Boyd
Hali Boyd Director at Seafarer’s Collective
Jessica Servis
Jessica Servis Education and Outreach Manager at US Sailing
Steve Hayes
Steve Hayes
Erin Short
Erin Short TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Director at Tall Ships America
Nate Hauser
Nate Hauser Vice President and General Manager at Moran Towing Corporation
Bob Glover
Bob Glover
Joe Curtis
Joe Curtis
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Program coordinator and Owner and Operator at Pride of Baltimore, Inc.
Dan McKenzie
Dan McKenzie Captain at Schooner Brilliant, Mystic Seaport Museum
Justin Ailsworth
Justin Ailsworth Part owner and The Lead Sailmaker at Evolution Sails
Jake Pender
Jake Pender Lead Sailmaker at Evolution Sails Chesapeake
Patricia Lock
Patricia Lock Event Consultant at Kenosha Tall Ships® and Basil Port of Call: Buffalo
Lee Hayes Byron
Lee Hayes Byron Director at Sarasota County UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability
Casey Blum
Casey Blum Cofounder, Program Director at FUEL
Ian Ridgeway
Ian Ridgeway Executive Director at FUEL
Mike Rutstein
Mike Rutstein Owner and Operator at Fame
Maura Hackett
Maura Hackett at NEO Philanthropy, Inc
William Higgins
William Higgins Teacher and Diversity and inclusion advocate facilitator at Broadway Advocacy Coalition
Whit Perry
Whit Perry Director of Maritime Preservation and Operations at Plimoth Plantation
Jill Ferris
Jill Ferris Director of Education at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Ross Branch
Ross Branch Shipyard Operations Manager at Bristol Marine
Miranda Baker
Miranda Baker
Paul Sickmon
Paul Sickmon President and CEO at Knox Sports Marketing
Mike Rauworth
Mike Rauworth Bard President and Chair at Tall Ships America
Kris Von Wald
Kris Von Wald Executive Director at Tall Ships America
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan
Chris Richmond
Chris Richmond at Allen Insurance & Financial
Dan Wyman
Dan Wyman at Allen Insurance & Financial
Bryce Potter
Bryce Potter Professor of Maritime Science at Clatsop Community College
Chris Cusson
Chris Cusson Captain at U.S. Brig Niagara
William Sabatini
William Sabatini Executive Director/Fleet Captain at Flagship Niagara League
Lauren Morgens
Lauren Morgens Capatain at Kalmar Nyckel
Sharon Dounce
Sharon Dounce Port Captain/Relief Captain at Kalmar Nyckel
Jenn Kabak
Jenn Kabak
Rachael Z. Miller
Rachael Z. Miller Founder; Co-Inventor/CEO at Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean; Cora Ball
Christian Cabral
Christian Cabral Shipyard Manager at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Jonathan Kabak
Jonathan Kabak CEO at Oliver Hazard Perry
Ger Tysk
Ger Tysk Mate at Oliver Hazard Perry
Mad With Power
Mad With Power
Steven Pagels
Steven Pagels Captain/Owner at Downeast Windjammer Cruise Lines
Brad McGarry
Brad McGarry Director of The Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst University
Libby Carnahan
Libby Carnahan at Sea Grant
Dr. Ryan Moyer
Dr. Ryan Moyer Associate Research Scientist at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Kathleen Moore
Kathleen Moore Assistant Professor of Intelligence Analysis at James Madison University
T. Grant Lewis
T. Grant Lewis Director of Adventure Recreation Management, Teaching Assistant Professor at WVU Tech
Jody Maisano
Jody Maisano Executive Officer at USCGC EAGLE
Peg Brandon
Peg Brandon President at Sea Education Association (SEA)
Stefan Edick
Stefan Edick Captain, Executive Director at Schooner Adventure
Daniel Moreland
Daniel Moreland
Chase Jackson
Chase Jackson Program/Grants Manager at Bayshore Center at Bivalve
Jamie Trost
Jamie Trost Port Captain at Grays Harbor Historical Seaport
Darcy Narraway
Darcy Narraway
Marc Cruder
Marc Cruder Senior Travelling Marine Inspector at United States Coast Guard


Long Key
Blue Heron

Tall Ships America Board Meeting- Board Members Only

13:00 - 22:00
Breck Deck North Beach
Beef O'Bradys
Rumfish Grill
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