2018 AIM 10X Leveraging Greatness

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Sanjiv Sidhu, o9 Solutions
Sanjiv Sidhu, o9 Solutions Co-Founder & Chairman at o9 Solutions
Chakri Gottemukkala, o9 Solutions
Chakri Gottemukkala, o9 Solutions Co-Founder & CEO at o9 Solutions
Steve Schuckenbrock, Crossmark
Steve Schuckenbrock, Crossmark CEO at Crossmark
Christopher Fink, Caterpillar
Christopher Fink, Caterpillar Global Supply Chain Manager at Caterpillar
Greg Shull, Interstate Batteries
Greg Shull, Interstate Batteries Director Supply Chain Management at Interstate Batteries
Keith Wyly, Interstate Batteries
Keith Wyly, Interstate Batteries Supply Network Solutions at Interstate Batteries
Richard Lloyd, TCS
Richard Lloyd, TCS Partner, Supply Chain Center of Excellence at TCS
Asis Sengupta, Walmart
Asis Sengupta, Walmart Senior Director Enterprise Workstream at Walmart
Michael Ciatto, Barkawi
Michael Ciatto, Barkawi Vice President at Barkawi
Matthew Tull, Guitar Center
Matthew Tull, Guitar Center Director Inventory Management Operations at Guitar Center
Indranil Sircar, Microsoft
Indranil Sircar, Microsoft Director of Strategy at Microsoft
Colin Masson, Microsoft
Colin Masson, Microsoft Global Industry Director at Microsoft
BH Koo, Bridgestone
BH Koo, Bridgestone Director Consumer Tires at Bridgestone
Mohammed Hajibashi, Accenture
Mohammed Hajibashi, Accenture Managing Director at Accenture
Matthew Meikle, Wilbur-Ellis
Matthew Meikle, Wilbur-Ellis Director Operations at Wilbur-Ellis


High Plains 1-2
Texoma 2-3


20:00 - 01:00
Texoma 1
High Plains 3
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